helpful products for hedgehogs

Helpful Products for Hedgehogs

As a hedgehog owner, there are useful things you can get to make both of your lives easier and more enjoyable. They will even improve your pet’s quality of life. Here are some helpful hedgehog products for hedgehog owners.

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Travel Case

Sometimes you need to take your hedgehog places. Whether it is the vet or to a friend’s house, you have to carry them in something. Some people use a box with openings. You can also buy a traveling case. There are even cases made for long travel.


Hedgehogs get very dry skin. It is one of the most common problems with hedgehogs. A humidifier helps put more moisture in the air. This aids in preventing or helping with dry skin. Don’t put it in the cage, just near. In the winter months, this is very important (your skin will even thank you)!

Old Fashioned Oats

This is another dry skincare trick. You place old fashioned oats in a cloth or bag. Then run it through the water and squeeze over the hog. The water becomes cloudy and helps not only stop the constant scratching but the dry skin too. You can learn more in our dry skin article!

Litter Box

This item was also on our necessity list. Because to some, it is a necessity. To others, once they use it, it will be a necessity. Hedgehogs can be trained to use a litterbox with practice. The litterbox can come in different forms like boxes, trays, and homemade pans. 

Carrying Pouch

This is helpful for trying to bond with your hedgehog. It is a pouch that keeps them close to your body and allows you to move around. This also provides enrichment time out of the cage. Etsy and other home-made stores sell them in a variety of colors.

Vitamins and Supplements

If they were given improper care before, they might need a boost of vitamins or supplements. They might also need them if they get sick. It can be nice to have some on hand in case anything happens. Some owners supplement with baby food, cat food, and certain bugs. They also can give them vitamins. You can ask your exotic vet if your pet needs certain vitamins.

Snuggle Sacks

Hedgehogs love snuggle sacks. They are a warm pouch usually made of fleece. It provides a soft place for them to hid and sleep. They are usually pretty warm and help with a temperature problem. You can find them at some pet stores and at homemade item websites.

Smell Enhancers

You can make smell enhancers or buy some to put near the cage. They help combat the yucky poop smell. Also, smell enhancers look like little packets of rocks and can be found in some pet stores. They can’t completely take away the smell. But they do reduce it to some extent.

Dig Box 

Dig boxes can come in many styles. They are a box that is filled with certain items. Dig boxes will almost always have a few toys or treats to encourage foraging and provide enrichment. They will also contain fleece strips or stones and are very easy to make. I will have a tutorial coming soon.


Playpens are an easy way to provide enrichment. They are short little fences you can sit up in a room. It blocks them in an open space. If you get a big enough space you can sit in and bond with them. They make puppy pens and bunny pens that can be found in most stores.

Cleaning Wipes

There are cleaning wipes made for cleaning pet items. They are helpful for cleaning up pee puddles and even poop. Cleaning wipes are a little hard to find. But they can be homemade as well. Just make sure to keep dangerous chemicals out of them. 

Poop Scoopers

Lifesaver! You can spot clean by picking up poop every day. This really helps with the smell. There are lizard poop scoopers that work well. I found that small plastic tongs work as a great low-cost alternative.

Facial Scrubber

A toothbrush or a facial scrubber are very useful at bathtime. They get the grime out of toes and quills. 

Bathtub or Bath Mat

Mini bathtubs make it easier to wash a hog. You can also get a bath mat to place in the sink or mini bucket. Bath mats provide a grip for your hedgehog to find their balance. It makes them more comfortable and encourages bathtime enjoyment. A great cheat for this is by using a vinyl shelf liner. Simply place it in the sink and no poop/grim gets in your sink.


Toys are very important. It gives them something to do besides tearing up the cage. Small balls, especially ones with bells are good. As well as toilet paper rolls, rubber ducks, chew sticks, and homemade toys.

Heaters and Emergency Heating

You can make emergency warmers with hand warmer or rice in case the power goes out. For everyday use, you can buy warmers or heat lamps. You should have a heat source as a necessity, but in case you ever need extra heat, you can have backups.

Mini Nail Clippers

Hedgehogs eventually will need nail clippers. Their claws keep growing because they are not constantly running on rough surfaces. In the wild, they don’t have to worry about it. In captivity, their nails need to be clipped.


You should definitely have treats in stock for your pet. It helps them bond and trust you. It also makes them very happy and gives variety in their diet. Mealworms are the most common choice. But you should check out our treat guide for more treats.


Show off your new pet to the world in a costume. Take pictures so you can remember it forever. Costumes are not for every hog. Some hedgehogs can’t handle it. It is safe if you follow our costume guide. 

Hide Aways and Houses

Extra hideaways or houses improve your hedgehog cage. Hedgehogs need somewhere to hide and sleep. It makes them feel more comfortable, which makes them have better temperaments. You can get very cute little houses on homemade sites or even in stores.

These items can brighten up your life and your hedgehog’s life. You don’t have to have every item. Even having a few of these items will make your life much easier. How many of these items do you have?

helpful products for hedgehogs


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